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Our aim is to find you the perfect property to suit your requirements with the minimum of hassle, whether it be residential let or students.

Please call us or use our search bar to find our variety of property which suits your preference and budget. All our newest properties are listed in the major portals like Rightmove and Zoopla.

  • Applicants are requested to submit their application through
  • Provide a Photo ID (such as a valid passport or driving licence).
  • Provide proof of address (such as utility or tax bill).
  • Right to rent document.
  • Copy of passport by all UK nationals.
  • All international applicants should provide their Sharecode which can be obtained through the link
  • As part of the application process the applicants will be also requested to complete the reference checks which enable us to obtain a Credit report, Landlord reference and Income reference on the applicant.

Tenant Guide

How to rent Guide -


When it comes to finding the best student accommodation Preston, the first port of call should be North West Homes but tips about what to look for when inspecting flats and houses are always to be recommended.

The search for a student property will come after the students have decided who they are going to live with and, for many reasons, this is the most important part of the process.

  • Book an appointment for any properties from our wide range of available student properties.
  • View the properties with our friendly team.
  • Decide on your property or book another appointment to view more properties.
  • Put a holding deposit down to secure your property.
  • Complete your application form.
  • Wait for our friendly team to get back to you with the drafted tenancy agreement and Guarantors agreement.
  • Sign the agreement if you are happy with the terms and conditions with a digital signature.
  • The property is all yours now!
  • Contact us 2 weeks before your intended moving in date to book a moving in appointment.
  • Collect the keys and move in!


The deposit can be up to 5 weeks worth of rent, however our student properties security deposit range from £250 to £400.

A holding deposit puts the property on hold for the prospective tenant and takes the listing off the market. If the prospective tenant decides not to go ahead, then the landlord or agent can keep the holding deposit as forfeit.

A guarantor is somebody, usually a family member or guardian, who will sign to guarantee your rent in the event you can’t pay it.

If you do not have any family or other people who could be your guarantor, you can use Housing Hand The company acts as your guarantor for a fee, which is different for every student/ house.

The all-inclusive contracts covers the utilities, i.e., gas, electricity, water, broadband Some of our properties are do not include bills. Or partially include bills. Please discuss with our staff to get the right information on the property which you choose.

The student agreements are between 48 and 52 week agreements dependent on the property.

The first payment is due no later than the contract commencement date. The remainder of the rental payment dates and amounts depend on the rental payment plan you choose.

We accept termly - 3 instalments to coincide with your student loan payments and monthly payments. We accept full payment of rent at the start of the year if someone does not have a UK based guarantor.

You may move in to the property on or before your contract start date, however we request each tenant to give us minimum 7 days notice prior to you intended moving in date.

A summer rent is a payment which 'holds' the property for you over the summer months (usually July or August). This acts as a compromise between a tenant having to pay for a full year and a landlord missing out on two months' rent during this period.

Should there be a summer rent on this contract, one week’s rent is payable by each tenant to the Landlord or the Landlord’s appointed letting agent by the start date of their contract.

During the summer rent period Items/belongings of tenant(s) that are staying on at the property, renewing/extending their tenancy can remain at the property New tenants may also be able to leave their items/belongings in the property during this summer retainer period but must seek advance written authorisation and agreement from the landlord(s) or the appointed letting agent.

Sorry, but we do have a strict no pets policy!

Generally, no - the rooms within the house are for single occupancy (even though most of the rooms have double beds!). However, you can rent most of the studios and flats as a couple.

A fixed term tenancy agreement is a binding contract and there is unfortunately case law which confirms that a landlord does not have to ‘mitigate his losses’ if a tenant wants to end the tenancy and move out early. The landlord is fully entitled to claim the rent from you until the end of the fixed term.

If you find a replacement tenant yourself and offer to pay for all the expenses involved in changing the tenancy such as referencing, we can release you from the contract, however please be aware that you are liable for your rent until such time, a replacement letting materialize.